Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Agriculture Microbiology MCQ tribhuvan University

Agriculture Microbiology
prepared by Tankeshwar Acharya

1. Nitrification process is discovered by
a. Schloesing and Muntz (1877) b.Ruinen and Hiltner
c. Winogradsky and Beijernickia d. Beijernickia and Winogradsky
2. bacteria responsible for Nitrification is isolated by
a. Winogradsky b. Beijernickia c. Ruinen d. Hiltner
3. The first member of the genus Azotobacter is discovered by………..
a. M.W. Beijerinck b. Winogradsky c. Ruinen d. Hiltner
4. The word Rhizosphere and Phyllosphere is respectively given by
A. Hiltner and Ruinen B.Ruinen and Hiltner
C. Winogradsky and Beijernickia D. Beijernickia and Winogradsky
5. the term Mycorrhiza is termed by
a. Ruinen b. Hiltner c. AB Frank (1885)d. Winogradsky
6. Musty or Earthy odor of a freshly plowed field is due to
a. Nocardia b. Streptomyces c. Micromonospora d. All e. None
7. Which of the following organism play a key role in the transformation of rock to soil.
a. Cyanobacteria b. Bacillus spp c. Pseudomonas spp d. clostridium spp
8. syntrophism is

a. relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits but the other is unaffected
b. relationship in which two or more agents work together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently
c. symbiotic relationship between organisms in which one species is harmed or inhibited and the other species is unaffected
d. mutualistic association involving the exchange of nutrients between two species

9. Winogradsky column is used
a. for isolation of purple and green phototrophic bacteria and other anaerobes
b. to measure the BOD
c. for the production of Sulphur
d. for the enumeration of Bacteria
10. Which groups of the organisms are responsible for in the dissolution of rocks, especially those composed of limestone.
a. Chemoorganotrophs b. Photoautotrophs c. Photoorganotrophs d. Chemoautotrophs

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