Sunday, April 18, 2010

MCQ: Immunology 2

11. Cell mediated immunity is carried out by………………, while Humoral immunity is mainly carried out by…………….
a. B cells/ T cells b. T cells/ B cells c. Antibodies/ antigens
d. Epitopes/ antigens e. Antibodies/ phagocytes
12. The ability of the immune system to recognize self antigens versus non- self antigens is an example of:
a. Specific immunity b. Cell- mediated immunity c. Humoral immunity d. Tolerance e. Antigenic immunity
13. Which is NOT true of memory cells?
a. are part of a secondary response b. are part of an anamnestic
c. they can survive without dividing for many months to many years
d. they produce more IgG than IgM e. are natural killer cells
14. Which of the following antibodies would most likely be found in body secrections such as tears, milk, saliva and mucus?
a. IgA b. IgM c. IgE d. IgD e. IgG
15. Which antibody is the first to be released into the blood following an infection?
a. IgD b. IgG c. IgA d. IgE e. IgM
16. Inactivation of a toxin by an antibody is termed:
a. Lysis b. Opsonization c. Neutralization d. Attenuation
e. Lyophilization
17. An antigen that overstimualtes the immune system by binding non specifically to MHC on antigen presenting cells is termed a:
a. Non specific antigen b. Super antigen c. Epitope
d. Toxic shock syndrome e. Super necrotic
18. A vaccine that activates both cell- mediated and Humoral immunity would most likely be:
a. Heat Killed b. A toxoid c. Short-lived immunity d. Live, attenuated
e. A virion
19. DNA vaccine contain………….. DNA that stimulates cells to make………….antigens.
a. Human/ RNA b. Microbial/ Carbohydrate c. Microbial/Protein
d. Human/ Protein e. Human/Lipid

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