Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Questions: TU: MSC 2nd Year: Bacteriology: 2062


GROUP A(3*15)

    1. Define enteric fever. Describe the pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis of typhoid fever.
    2. Describe respiratory tract infection. Explain the laboratory diagnostic method for diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia.

    3. Define antibiotics. Explain the methods and steps involved in evaluation of an antibiotic in microbiology laboratory.
      explain the different mechanisms of action of antibiotics.
                                               GROUP B(7*5)

    4. Explain urinary tract infection and its laboratory diagnosis.
    5. Explain the basic principles and practices in organization of diagnostic bacteriology laboratory.
    6. Describe briefly the precautions to be taken before selection, collection and transport of specimens for microbiological examination.
    7. Explain the morphological characters pathogenesis and prevention of staphylococcal infection in hospital.
    8. Describe the specific characters of bacteroids.
    9. Define wound infection and different characters of clostridium genus.
                                              GROUP C(5*4)

    10. Write short notes on any four.
A.     Bacteriamia, pyemia and septicaemia
B.     Kirby beaurs disc diffusion.
C.     Peptic ulcer.
D.    MOTT
E.     Shigellosis.

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