Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thesis Topics on "Bacteremia"

1)      Microbiology of bacteraemia and septicaemia in patients visiting tribhuvan university teaching hospital(TUTH) Kathmandu.2004
2)      Study on bacterial flora in blood specimen collected from hospitalized and out patients service of TU teaching hospital.2001
3)      A prospective study on etiology of bacteremia septicaemia at tribhuvan university teaching hospital.1999
4)      A prospective study on etiological agents causing infective endocarditis and related bacteremic and septicaemic cases among patients visiting bir hospital.1999
5)      Bacteriological profile of bacteraemia patients visiting patan hospital.1995
6)      Isolation of salmonella species from blood and study of its antibiotic sensitivity patterns.1996 Basudha Shrestha
7)      Study on the prevalence of salmonella species from blood sample of the patients visiting national public health laboratory teku.2004
8)      Bacteriological profile of bacteraemia and septicaemia among patients of infective endocarditis.2004
9)      Study of bacteraemia in malnourished children admitted to kanti children hospital.2004
10)  A study on etiological agents of bacteraemia and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of isolates.2006
11)  Study of prevalence of enteric fever and the assessement of Widal test in the diagnosis of typhoid fever.2006
12)  Prevalence of bacteraemia and septicaemia among children attending Kanti children hospital with special reference to salmonella spp.2007

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