Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thesis Topics on "Diarrhoeal Diseases"

1)      Study of etiology of acute diarrhea with special interest in salmonella and shigella.1997
2)      Pospective study on aetiology of childhood diarrhea based on clinical feature and laboratory investigation.1999
3)      Prevalence of acute diarrheal episodes in Kathmandu during 1999.1999
4)      A prospective study on aetiological agents of dirrhoeal disease in children in relation to parasites and to determine the antibiotic sensitivity patterns of isolates.2000
5)      A study on diarrhea in children in relation to behavioral and environmental factors.2000
6)      Prevalence of multiple drug resistant enteric bacterial pathogens in diarrhoeal patients if Kathmandu and study of their relations by plasmid profiling.2000
7)      Antibiotic resistant vibrio cholerae isolated form Kathmandu valley and characterization of the isolates by biotyping and serotyping.2000
8)      Antibiotic sensitivity profile of Escherichia coli, klebsiella  and pseudomonas of patient visiting TUTH kathmandu.2002
9)      Salmonella serotyping and drug susceptibility pattern from environment and clinical samples of urban Nepal.2002
10)  Drinking water quality assessment of Kathmandu valley and antibacterial property of enteric bacteria isolated.2002
11)  Enteropathogens associated with acute diarrhea in patients visiting national public laboratory teku.2004
12)  Detection of enteric pathogens (vibrio cholerae, and Escherichia coli 0157) in childhood diarrhoeal cases.2004
13)  Detection of enteropathogens ( salmonella spp, shigella spp and parasites) in the stool specimen of children suffering form diarrhea and admitted at Kanti children hospital.2004
14)  A prospective study on etiology of diarrhea with reference to multiple drug resistant enteric bacterial pathogens.2006
15)  Nalidixic acid resistant salmonella with decreased ciprofloxacin susceptibility.2007
16)  Enteropathogenic micro- organisms in children under 10 years of age attending Kanti children' s hospital.2008
17)  Study of campylobacter in diarrheal and non- diarrhoeal Nepalese children and detection of campylobacter in diarrhoeal children.-1994

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