Thursday, February 23, 2012

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): Microbiology: Parasitology

Multiple Choice Questions Parasitology
  1. Which of the following agent is used to prevent Malaria
    a. Mebendazole
    b. Chloroquine
    c. Inactivated vaccine
    d. Zinc tablet

  2. Each of the following statements concerning Ascaris lumbricoides is correct except:
    a. Ascaris lumbricoides is one of the largest nematode
    b. Ascaris lumbricoides can cause pneumonia
    c. Both dogs and cats are intermediate host of Ascaris lumbricoides
    d. A lumbricoides is transmitted by ingestion of eggs
  3. Each of the following statements concerning kala-azar is correct except:
    a. Kala-azar is caused by leishmania donovani
    b. kala-azar is transmitted by the bite of sandflies
    c. Kala-azar occurs primarily in rural latin America
    d. Kala-azar can be diagnosed by finding amastigotes in bone marrow
  4. Each of the following statements concerning hookworm infection is correct except:
    a. Hookworm infection can cause pneumonia
    b. Hookworm infection is acquired by humans when filariform larvae penetrate the skin
    c. Hookworm infection is caused by Necatar americanus
    d. Hookworm infection can be diagnosed by finding the trophozoite in the stool
  5. Each of the following statements concerning Trichomonas vaginalis is correct except:
    a. T. vaginalis is transmitted sexually
    b. T. vaginalis can be diagnosed by visualizing the trophozoite
    c. T. vaginalis can be treated effectively with metronidazole
    d. T. vaginalis causes bloody diarrhea
  6. Each of the following statements concerning Giardia lamblia is correct except:
    a. G. lamblia has both a trophozoite and cyst stage in its life cycle
    b. G. lamblia is transmitted by the fecal oral route from both human and animal sources
    c. G. lamblia causes hemolytic anemia
    d. G. lamblia can be diagnosed by the string test
  7. Each of the following statements concerning Malaria is correct except
    a. The female anopheles mosquito is the vector
    b. Early infection, sporozoites enter hepatocytes
    c. Release of merozoites from red blood cells cause fever and chills
    d. The principal site of gametocyte formation is the human gastrointestinal tract.
  8. Each of the following parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes except:
    a. Leishmania donovani
    b. Wuchereria bancrofti
    c. Plasmodium vivax
    d. Plasmodium falciparum
  9. Pigs or dogs are the source of human infection by each of the following parasites except:
    a. Echinococcus granulosus
    b. Taenia solium
    c. Ascaris lumbricoides
    d. Trichinella spiralis
  10. In malaria, the form of plasmodia that is transmitted from mosquito to human is the
    a. Sporozoite
    b. Gametocyte
    c. Merozoite
    d. Hypnozoite
Answer Keys 1. b 2. c 3. c 4. d 5. d 6. c 7.d 8.a 9.c 10. a 

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