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Course Syllabus: TU M.Sc Microbiology First year:Immunology


Course Title: Immunology Full Marks: 100
Course No.: MB 512                                                                                   Pass Marks: 40
Nature of Course: Theory Year: I


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Understand basic immunology
  • Understand current immunological techniques and assays
  • Be familiar with immunopathology of viral, bacterial, parasite, autoimmune, tumor and fungal diseases.
  • Be able to search, study, comprehend and apply information gathered in current immunological journals/publications

Overview of Immunology 2 hrs
Introduction to Immunology and Serology
Cells and Tissues of the Immune System; Primary & Secondary Lymph Organs

Innate Immunity
Development and function, Non-specific Defense against the Microbial Infections, Physical and Anatomical Barriers, Cells and Secretary molecules, serum components, Phagocytosis 5 hrs

Mechanism and significance of Classical and alternative pathways of complement system 5hrs
Types and properties; Conditions of the antigenicity 2hrs

Antibodies and immunoglobulins
Molecular structure, Classes, subclasses, types, subtypes, Genetic basis of the Diversity 10 hrs
Antigen-antibody Reactions
Principle of Antigen-Antibody reactions in vitro
Precipitation: Types, principle, procedures and applications
Agglutination: Types, principle, procedures and applications
Immunochemical methods: Antibodies Labelling Methods
Immunofluorescence assay, ELISA
Radioimmuno assay
Immunoelectrophoresis and Immuno Blotting Methods 20 hrs

Cells and Tissues of Adaptive Immunity
Types, development and function, MHC, antigen processing, presentation and receptors 5hrs
Cell Mediated Immunity
T cell development, activation, effector mechanisms; B cell activation, Antibody production, immunological tolerance, Assays used to measure CMI 15 hrs

Humoral Immune Responses
Effector Mechanisms; Cell Signaling: Intra- & Extra-cellular mediators and pathways, Cytokines; TLR 10 hrs

Immune Disorders
Hypersensitivity, Autoimmunity & Allergy; Congenital & Acquired Immunodeficiencies 8 hrs
Diagnostic Immunology
Concept of Immunopathology and Immunodiagnostic tests, their development and use in diagnosis of infectious and non-infectious diseases (Cover at least one example from each group: Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasitic, Tumor and Allergy) 15hrs

History of vaccine and vaccination, Types of vaccines- killed organism as a vaccine, attenuated vaccine, methods of attenuation, experimental vaccines, Overview of vaccine production techniques, Quality and Efficacy, Adverse events following immunization, Recent Developments and Prospects 15 hrs


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